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Thanks Victoria!

Recently we had the pleasure of a short term work placement with Victoria Langridge, a great designer currently studying graphic design at New College Stamford. She even does typography in cheese! Look at the cheese! Last night we went to an exhibition at her college in which Victoria’s work is on display amongst many other great designers, photographers and illustrators. It’s really worth a visit if you can make it! And check out more of Victoria’s work Thanks Victoria! 🙂



Underpass project – George Alcock

Jason has been out painting the first character piece at the underpass today, George Alcock! Here’s how he progressed and more about George below:

George Alcock, Peterborough, Aug 28 1912 – Dec 15 2000. He remained in the Peterborough area throughout his life.

George was simply the greatest visual discoverer who ever lived under the cloudy British skies. His ten discoveries (five comets and five novae) surpass even the achievements of Caroline Herschel, who discovered eight comets from Britain and did not have to battle against the likes of Honda, Seki, Ikeya, Mrkos and Burnham, competing with George from much clearer skies. One of the later discoveries was made from the landing of his house whilst looking after his bedridden wife! His extraordinary success in this area implies that, locked in his brain, were thousands of star patterns, containing maybe more than 30,000 stars, as seen through his binoculars.

On the 1st of Jan 1953 George made his first and only New Year’s resolution; he would embark on a 5 year comet search. Two years later, in the summer of ’55, he decided he would search for novae too. In January 1959 George bought binoculars to replace his 4” refractor telescope for just £150. After only 7 months sweeping with the new binoculars, on the 25th of August 1959 George spotted an intruder in Corona Borealis. The next night, with a new star atlas, he checked the field again….the suspect had moved one degree. George had made his first discovery, Comet Alcock 1959e, the first comet discovered from Britain since Dennings final comet discovery in 1894.After more than 6 years of sweeping, the second Comet Alcock was discovered only 5 days later! Comet 1959f was discovered in the morning sky in Cancer. After a 65 year dearth of British comet discoveries (and not for the lack of people trying) the discovery of two British comets in a week was, and still is, a fairytale event. George went on to discover 3 more comets and 5 novae and received and MBE for his services in 1979.



Underpass project exhibition final days!

Only a few days left of the Paper Rhino & Blok Collective exhibition at the City Gallery. Get your skates on if you want to see an awesome collection of artwork in connection with the Cowgate Underpass regeneration! Here are three pieces from Amanda, Jay & Jason, a taster of what to expect from the full exhibition…



Underpass painting – Day 1

Today we have started to paint the underpass!



Underpass project exhibition

We’ve been busy today gearing up for the first stage of the underpass project exhibition. The exhibition features exclusive behind-the-scenes artwork, created by Paper Rhino and Blok Collective for the Cowgate Underpass project. Get down to the City Gallery at Peterborough Museum, 10am – 5pm for FREE! The show will run until 25th May with brand new artwork arriving for phase two on 17th May. More info here:


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