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Bunch of mugs.

So since our workforce is growing and we must have tea, we ordered new mugs from the brilliant Paper Plane. They do all sorts of prints and papery goodness, check them out!


You can find Paper Plane on Facebook, Twitter, Etsy and


Rhino sightings… sort of.

So today we have some brand spanking new photos of all of us here at Paper Rhino. You may think hang on, they don’t look new at all and that’s because of the awesome talents of Tony Lovell.

Tony uses a Sinar Norma 1950’s camera to take these unique images and a method called ‘wet plate’ photography. Hand cut glass plates are dipped in several chemical solutions and exposed while still wet, hence the name. The process is complex and time consuming but through some kind of alchemy these wonderful images are revealed. This method was used in World War II to take aerial reconnaissance photographs. Each photo can take up to 20 minutes to expose and process, it makes you wonder how someone in an aircraft managed.

We want to say a huge Thank You to Tony for the images and we would love to know what you all think of them.


Metal presents Harvest

We collaborated with Metal on the Harvest Newspaper, it was great to work with them again and fantastic to see such a vibrant event held in our own city. We hope you enjoyed the weekend, we did!


More information about Harvest and Metal can be found at

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