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The Nest

Summer of art continued! This time Jason and Dom’s turn…

We were commissioned to create a new mural for the Allia Future Business Centre to brighten up a new office space called “The Nest”. The Nest will be used by new entrepreneurs and start-ups. We’re super happy with the result! You can see us transforming the room in our Benny Hill style video below:



It’s the summer of art for Paper Rhino this year. We’ve had loads of art projects in the pipeline and we’re very much looking forward to sharing them all with you. Here’s the first: ‘Home’ by Amanda and Jay.
Amanda and Jay won a bid from Platforma South East to produce two pieces of work based on refugees. The project is called ‘Welcome’ and will be exhibited at the Turner Contemporary in Margate starting today and lasting until 11th July.

The work subverts the common arguments against accepting refugees. Images of refugees in plight are overlaid with a phrase of acceptance by Jo Cox MP. This is juxtaposed against a touching scene of a refugee baby being welcomed and cared for, overlaid with a blunt, rude and ignorant comment by a Britain First supporter.


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