Rhinos in The Guardian again

If you happen to find yourselves reading The Guardian today then turn to page 45 and you can read all about how it benefits the self-employed to come together as a co-operative. It may also feature some comments about Paper Rhino! (Some of which isn’t quite accurate but you get the gist!)



The Kindling Trust video

The Kindling Trust is an environmental and social change organisation, using food as a catalyst to help build a more just and ecologically sustainable society. This film explores their plans to establish a large farm and centre for social change close to Manchester and their current work incubating and supporting innovative projects like FarmStart and Manchester Veg People.

We are very proud to have a taken part in the making of this video!

Kindling: A Food Revolution from Kindling on Vimeo.


Co-op Impact Report

Our new designs will help Co-operatives UK gain new members and shout about all the amazing things they achieved last year. The foldable 2015 summary has a cheeky paper saving 2016 year planner on the back too – oh so eco!



Happy New Year!

2016, year of the Rhino! We clearly made that up but it’s an exciting year for us, and possibly for you too… We’ve just moved into our amazing new office, we have a special 2016 discount offer for all of you plus lots of other news which you can read all about here:

Did you know that we now offer loads of new services as well? Video, typography, illustration, the list goes on. Check out our new ‘showreel’ video below to see what we can do for you!


Team Day Out – Screen Printing!

Last week we learned our little socks off at the Leicester Print Workshop. We’ve been getting interested in creating our own print and we thought it would be fun to have a go at screen printing. We tried loads of different techniques, exposing and masking screens with combinations of cut paper stencils, drawings onto acetate and some of our digital art. We squeedgee’d paint through the screens in every colour of the rainbow and made stacks of lovely prints. We learnt a lot, we had a lot of fun, we’re certainly going to have a go at more! What do you think?

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