Paper Rhino is a not-for-profit, workers co-operative specialising in art, illustration, typography, design and animation.
We started Paper Rhino so that we could use our skills to support ethically-conscious clients, new and emerging organisations, small companies and charities. We are a team of highly committed creatives. We each have an almost obsessive passion for our individual skills and want to use them as a positive force in the world.

Why a workers co-op? Because it’s the fairest way we can run our business, with no hierarchy and a democratic decision-making process. We want everything we do to benefit society. This includes helping the people that work with us to be the best they can be.

Our co-op’s objectives:

  • Provide design services at a fair price, predominantly locally (Peterborough and surrounding area) and also nationally.
  • Be sustainable and encourage the use of sustainable materials and processes.
  • Aid the promotion of ethical, local and arts-based organisations.
  • Spread skills and knowledge.
  • Support new and emerging organisations, artists and designers with their endeavours.
  • Produce design that benefits the community and society at large.
  • Engage with the general public to improve accessibility to the arts.


These are the creative services we offer:

  • Art and Illustration
  • Typography
  • Animation
  • Live art, street art and murals
  • Branding and Promotion
  • Editorial Design
  • Web design


We offer training, workshops and consultancy in:

  • Image manipulation
  • Design
  • Using type creatively
  • Drawing
  • Wordpress

Meet the team

AMANDA RIGBY is an artist and highly skilled creative illustrator. Her years as a magazine Art Editor have also made her a swift, meticulous and much sought-after designer.

DOMINIC LE-HAIR loves experimenting with type and has gained international recognition for his work. He combines hands-on media with digital techniques to produce work at the top of his field.

JASON DUCKMANTON is an illustrator, graphic designer and animator. He has a degree in Illustration and over 10 years experience designing for both print and web.

SARAH WOODBINE is an administrator with over 15 years experience. Having been a member of the RAF and a Scuba Instructor in Australia she is equipped to handle any emergency.