Paper Rhino is a not-for-profit, workers co-operative specialising in illustration, typography, design, video and photography. We started Paper Rhino so that we could use our skills to support ethically-conscious clients, new and emerging organisations, small companies and charities. We are passionate about what we do – we all have an almost obsessive passion for our individual skills – and want to use them as a positive force in the world.

Why a workers co-op? Because it’s the fairest way we can run our business, with no hierarchy and a democratic decision process for making what we do next. We want to help the world with what we do, which includes helping the people that work with us to be the best they can.

Our co-op’s objectives:

  • Provide design services at a fair price, predominantly locally (Peterborough and surrounding area) and also nationally.
  • Be sustainable and encourage the use of sustainable materials and processes.
  • Aid the promotion of ethical, local and arts based organisations.
  • Spread design skills and knowledge.
  • Support new and emerging organisations, artists and designers with their endeavours.
  • Produce design that benefits the community and society at large.
  • Engage with the general public to improve accessibility to the arts.


These are the creative services we offer:

  • Illustration
  • Typography
  • Video and film making
  • Branding and promotion
  • Web design
  • Page layout
  • Image manipulation
  • Digital retouching & processing


We offer training, workshops and consultancy in:

  • Image manipulation
  • Design
  • Using type creatively
  • Film making
AMANDA RIGBY is an art graduate specialising in finely detailed pen and ink illustrations. Her years as a magazine Art Editor have also made her a swift, meticulous and much sought after designer.
JAY GEARING is a videographer and designer. His design career began creating artwork for a not-for-profit, co-operative record label. His greatest passion has always been for video and he has built up an impressive portfolio of work.
JASON DUCKMANTON is an illustrator, graphic designer and animator. He has a degree in Illustration and over 10 years experience designing for both print and web.
DOMINIC LE-HAIR loves experimenting with type and has gained international recognition for his work. He combines hands on media with digital techniques to produce work at the top of his field.
SARAH WOODBINE is an administrator with over 15 years experience. Having been a member of the RAF and a Scuba Instructor in Australia she is equipped to handle any emergency.